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All these little things

Isn't it funny how the smallest things are often the ones that make the biggest impressions on our lives?
How its always the moment you're letting go, a spark ignites, pushing your forward harder and faster than you imagined.
I thought I had my mind made up about Paris, the city of light. A big, dirty, beautiful city. Yes it's absolutely gorgeous, but personally, there was always something missing. I didn't know what it was, was it the rude waiters? The overpriced food? The sleezy men on the metro? Or the lingering urine smell?
I wanted so badly to love Paris, but something just wasn't right.
Don't get me wrong, I absolutely loved my morning, lunch and afternoon croissants, the breath taking sights, language, the sexy men on the metro and the food...
I believe every city is like a human being, some people meet them for a few hours and see the surface, and judge it on their highlights or flaws, as we inevitably do. However, once you take the time to sit down, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and open up with that city, you are truly immersed in the truth of that city and only then can you experience it.
I had had numerous coffees with Paris, but like it's inhabitants, she was stubborn and rude, unwilling to open up.
I was beginning to lose hope, maybe this beauty just isn't what I always thought? A crushing realisation for my thirteen year old self swooning over the romantic city.

With some close friends we ventured her lonely, dark streets... The crisp spring air chilling out bones and soul.
We ascended up a hill, with each step, a small part of me, fighting for her, for myself and for light.

I couldn't believe the physical effect the pinnacle of the hill had on me. I gasped as I looked out over the beautiful city. Small orange flames dotted the Black Sea of culture, food, language and love. Chills spiralled down my back, my blood pumping faster and harder as if preparing for something amazing.
We continued to walk in silence, our words captured by her selfless beauty.
We stopped.
My cheeks burnt red and my heart stopped.
Paris, the kind, cruel, beautiful, incredible woman stole my heart from my chest.

The Eiffel Tower, so tiny in the distance, twinkled like one thousand stars in the nights sky.
How did something so big, appear so small yet so stunning? I felt I could reach out and pluck it from the glowing city and put it in my pocket.
My thirteen year old self squealed with excitement as I realised Paris was everything an more I had believed it to be.

This beautiful lady, Paris, showed me so much more than her beauty, but how things are never what they seem. That each dream is beautiful and achievable regardless of the obstacles that stand in your way. and that you should never judge anyone based on your first impressions and judgements, because sometimes they're saving the best of themselves for a special moment, one that you'll never forget.

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